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Cheap Furniture Movers in Melbourne

Furniture Movers in Melbourne

At some point in your life, need to move, and most people will hire a moving company. Moving companies can definitely make moving much more manageable; however, not researching properly and hiring the wrong removalists can actually end up costing you more money than anticipated. Here are the Do’s and Don’t when looking into hiring professional packers and movers.

Not Hiring a Professional and Certified Removalists
We all want to save money or get the best deal. Flyers come in the mail, or you search on Gum Tree for great deals but not always you can trust what these companies are selling/offering. They promote low prices to entice you however a lot of these companies are scams, and you need to research and ensure they are a proper government certified company so if any issues arise you have some backing.

Cheap Estimates and Not Offering a House / Office Inspection
Not always a house/office inspection is necessary for standard moves however there are times when a house or office inspection is essential for moving companies to give you a proper quote. Inspections generally are needed with larger properties or offices. When you contact movers and packers, and they are quoting low prices and not locking in the price this is where you need to be wary as often they will entice you with this low price, but you will end up paying two or three times the amount. It’s our suggestion to have a fixed price quote, so you don’t have any surprises on moving day. If you are on a budget and need a professional Cheap Removalists Melbourne, then contact My Moovers for a fully inclusive quote.

Extra or Hidden Fees
Continuing with the above point, always be aware of what you are being charged for and when possible, get a fixed price quote and most importantly in writing. Make sure you are honest with the movers when moving with the number of belongings and any obstacles like stairs, narrow doorways etc. even if you have a fixed price quote if you haven’t divulged that information the movers and packers have the right to adjust the quote.

Hire a Fully Insured Company
People that claim to be Movers and Packers that you find on GumTree and other avenues most often are not fully insured, and if anything goes wrong, you will not be covered for anything. So basically – Buyer Beware! Professional moving companies will always be happy to show you any necessary paperwork, so make sure you ask!

Unprofessional Service
The moment you contact a moving company, you should be greeted with friendly and helpful staff. You should be given a written quote within 24 hours if not sooner and feel good about your initial experience. Approximately one week before your moving date, you should also be contacted by the movers to confirm any details. If this has not happened or you are feeling uneasy with your initial experience, use your gut feeling and find a new moving company.

In conclusion, the above Do’s and Don’t and what to look out for are imperative when hiring a moving company. Taking a little extra time when researching and also asking for referrals can make a world of difference on your Moving Day. My Moovers are the professional Cheap Removalists Melbourne team that you can rely on and trust for all your moving needs. Get a FREE quote today!

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